Team Mind: Style and Sustainability

Team Mind BMX racer Zac

Team Mind BMX racers will be sporting new race jerseys this weekend that are sure to inspire the next generation of BMXers to think about sustainability thanks to Stuff4Life’s ingenuity and DTW’s design team.

We are thrilled that our friends and partners at DTW joined us as key sponsors of Team Mind BMX, which will be seen on track when the British Cycling National Series kicks off in Manchester this weekend (23-24 March 2024).


Stuff4Life co-founder John Twitchen, coach and manager at Team Mind, has supported mental health charity, Mind, for several years in his home town in the south of England. Having worked with Mind locally in Stockton & Middlesbrough, DTW were happy to offer their support to this important cause by designing the new race jerseys.

The aim of the design is not just to create a great-looking jersey, but also to promote awareness and inspire environmental consciousness.

The jersey’s principal design feature is a brightly coloured vortex developed for Stuff4Life, which conveys the concept of circularity. It comprises a multitude of icons that represent sustainability, the environment, clean energy, net zero, climate, nature, circularity, and people – as well as the Mind ‘squiggle’ graphic. The colours used in the design correspond to those of the global temperature ‘barcode,’ ‘show your stripes‘.

Team Mind BMX racers

Other sponsors who have lent their support to the Team Mind project include Crucial, Troy Lee Designs, Dirtworks, and Muc-Off.

The new BMX race jerseys, supplied by Winchester-based NX Teamwear, are not just a fashion statement – although they do look awesome!! –  but a powerful message of sustainability and environmental consciousness. It is an inspiration to the next generation of BMXers and a reminder that we all have a role to play in creating a better world.

For this reason, Team Mind racers have all donated old jerseys they no longer wear so that a new generation of BMX racers and bike riders can benefit, avoiding the need to manufacture more textiles. Most of the 40 race jerseys will be distributed to local clubs for beginner riders to wear with pride, with each jersey telling its own story. This builds on a trial run by Stuff4Life at the 2022 British BMX Championships.

A few older jerseys are showing battle scars and will be retired – these will be recycled by Stuff4Life at their polyester scale-up recycling facility in development at Wilton, Teesside.

Pictured: Team Mind BMX racers Zac, Otto and the team
Images by Jon Syrett/Trail Creative

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