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Stuff4Life Second Time Limited, a not-for-profit company, is a result of the business servitisation work we have been doing to support several clients alongside our partnership with Arco and business disrupter Ekobi. In simple terms, the best way of reducing the impact of clothing – or any product – is to keep it in play for longer, at the very least maximising its designed life expectancy. Reuse, Rebrand, Repurpose!

Every year, thousands of workwear garments are discarded without even being worn, due to poor design, organisation rebrands, personnel or regulation change. This is the ultimate waste – stuff that has been made, shipped and then not even used.

Stuff4Life Second Time Limited keeps products in play for longer by giving them a second life, through debranding, rebranding, repairing or repurposing. Some of these interventions are simple, others more time-consuming and costly. However, our strong belief is to live life to the max… and that goes for clothing too!

The impact of this important step is huge. Our experience suggests up to 50% of workwear could be reused or repurposed and whilst this will reduce over time as design and business systems improve, there will always be benefit to derive from the stuff that can’t be used by the original buyer – and with the Social Impact Portal’s social value of avoiding and recycling polyester set at £158.02 per kilogram (yes, kilogram!), we can all make a difference by reusing, rebranding and repurposing these valuable garments.