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Stuff4Life Workwear Limited has collaborated with Arco to create new products, services and end-of-life solutions for workwear, uniform and PPE. These products are high-performance, complex and often involve multiple materials to meet the demands of work environments – this can make recycling very difficult and to-date there are very few options.

With funding from Arco, working with Teesside University and the Centre for Process Innovation, Stuff4Life has developed its innovative polyester depolymerisation process which means workwear can be recycled back into as-good-as-new feedstock materials ready for remanufacture back into new polyester.

Through identifying the main challenges in end-of-life workwear, our partnership with Arco has led to improve the design of new workwear, and the result is Arco’s award-winning Responsible Hi-Vis range. Find out more here. Stuff4Life Workwear Limited is now in the process of financing the scale-up of our unique polyester depolymerisation process from kilograms to tonnes. Contact us for more information.