Stuff4Life joins Recoup

Stuff4Life has partnered with Recoup to help tackle the other plastic challenge – fabrics made from polyester and other polymers.

Recoup is perhaps best known for its leadership and outstanding policy and practical work to increase the amount of plastic containers that are recycled in the UK.

However, the challenges and opportunities around recycling fabrics is one that is shared by Recoup and its newest member, Stuff4Life. Founder John Twitchen has previously worked with Recoup on a number of issues from consumer engagement to recycling trials, and Recoup has knowledge and skills that it can bring to the fabric polymer conundrum.

John said: “We are really pleased to be partnered with Recoup and able not only to tap into their outstanding knowledge and partnerships, but also to help solve present day challenges around fabrics for its members as we work towards establishing a circular economy for polyester and other polymers.”

Citizen and Stakeholder Engagement Manager at RECOUP, Anne Hitch, commented “RECOUP are always keen to support and encourage innovation in plastics resource management particularly where the initiative involves looking at circular solutions for plastic products that remain a challenge in existing UK infrastructure systems.  We are delighted to have Stuff4Life as members.”

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